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First off, you can change the !d prefix into whatever you want by typing : !d a changeprefix {your prefix here} If it worked properly, the bot will react with 👀 Once that's done, you can toggle ducks on the bot by typing : !d a togglecaneton The bot should react with 🦆 You can check whether or not ducks are toggled by typing :
!d a istoggled To which the bot should answer Yes or No

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To use the Trivia function, you need to use the following commands : !d trivia start {trivia name} (to see which trivias are available, type !d trivia list). The bot will then ask you questions about the selected trivia, to which you have to answer within 15 seconds. To stop playing, type !d trivia stop.


First you have to toggle the roles with !d roles toggle. You can then chose a channel used for role commands with !d roles setChannel {channelname}. Once you created a role, you can use !d roles add {role name / ID / mention} to add it to the bot's list. Using !d + {rolename} will then give you the role you want, and !d - {rolename} will remove it.

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To subscribe to a twitch channel, use !d tw subscribe {channel name}. To see which channels your server is subscribed to, use !d tw list. To unsubscribe from a channel, use !d tw unsubscribe {channel name}. You'll find a twitch channel's name in the url, e.g. You can also use s instead of subscribe, us instead of unsubscribe and ls instead of list.