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Mallard Bot

Please consider this: [] is for optional parameters, and {} for mandatory parameters

Commands Description Example
Help [CommandName]return the list of all the commands or the help of an individual one!d Help or !d Help perso new
Osu {Mode} [UserName]Display osu profil!d osu STD Cookiezi
GfyCat {Lien}Upload your link to gfycat and return it's link
Weather {Town}return the weather of the town!d Weather Toulouse
Strawpoll {title}|{option1}|{option2}..Create a strawpoll and send the link!d Strawpoll BanAko|Yes|No
lmgtfy {Text}Create a lmgtfy link for your {Text}!d lmgtfy
Color {Hex}/{R} {G} {B}Return the chosen color!d color #55d48d/ !d color 255 255 255
Choose {Choice1}|{Choice2}...Help you choose your fate!d Choose Coffee|Tea
LeadersDailyDisplay daily saved caneton leaderboards
VoteVote link
SupportSupport server link
InviteBot's invite link
Caneton [User]Return the number of canetons the user (or you) have!d caneton MetalMallard
LevelDisplay your level
Avatar [User]Return tha avatar of the user mentioned (or yours)!d avatar MetalMalalrd
Jumbo {emote}Return the source image of the emote!d Jumbo :Thiink:
PingDisplay the ping of the bot
RollReturn the id of your message
DailyGet your dailies caneton!(2)
InfoDisplay bot infos
DuckReturn a random image of a caneton
Trans {Lang} {Text}Return translated {Text} into {Lang}!d Trans en Bonjour
+ {Role(Id/Name/Mention)}Give you the SelfAssignable {role}!d + DuckLover
- {Role(Id/Name/Mention)}Remove the SelfAssignable {role}!d - DuckLover
mMusic/mPlay/m {Link}/{Name}Add the song to the playlist!d Music
mF {Id}Play your favoritemF 1
mSF {Id} {Link/Name}Create or edit your favoritemSF 1
mDF {Id}Delete favoritemDF 1
mFavoritesDisplay all your favorites
mSetPosition {Seconds}Set the position for the current song(in seconds)mSetPosition 50
mLeaveMake the bot stop playing and leave vocal
mSkipSkip the current song (or add a vote for)
mRepeatToggle repeat mode
mResumeResume the song previously paused
mPausePause the current song
mShuffleShuffle the playlist
mListReturn the playlist
mInfoReturn current song's infos
mSetVolume {NewVolume}Change volume!d mSetVolume 50
mClearRemove all songs from the playlist
a ChangePrefix {NewPrefix}Change prefix of the bot(!d )!d ChangePrefix $ -> $ChangePrefix
a ChangePersoPrefix {NewPrefix}Change personal commands prefix!d ChangePersoPrefix % -> %{CommandName}
a TogglePersoToggle the use of personnal commands!d a TogglePerso
a HereDisplay current server infos
a Default {Role}Setup the default role given when a new user joins!d a Default Membre
a RemoveDefaultRemove the default role
a Vote {Message}Start a user-poll!d a vote For or against activating caneton ?
a AddEmote {Name} {Picture link/attachement}Create a new emote for the user!d a AddEmote DuckHi
a RemoveEmote {Name}Remove the emote with {Name}!d a RemoveEmote DuckHi
a StopAllVoteStop previously started vote
a ToggleCanetonToggle the spawn of caneton in the chan
a UserInfo {Mention}/{id}Return the user's infos(work cross server)!d a UserInfo 2967289119734XXXXX
a IsToggledReturn either Yes or No if caneton is toggled on the current channel
a Del {nbMessage}Delete {nbMessage} Messages!d a Del 50
a Kick {User} [Reason]Kick the {user} with a [Reason]!d a Kick @MetalMallard
a Ban {User} [Reason]Ban the {user} with a [Reason]!d a Ban @MetalMallard Spam
a AddAutoBan {UserId}Add an id to the AutoBan module which will ban the user if he try to join.!d a AddAutoBan 2568XXXXXXX
a RemoveAutoBan {UserId}Remove user from the AutoBan module!d a RemoveAutoBan 3685XXXXXXXXX
a AddMutedRole {Role(Id/Name/Mention)}Add muted role to allow mute by bot
a Mute {User(Id/Name/Mention)}Mute the user!d a Mute @MetalMallard
a Demute {User(Id/Name/Mention)}DeMute the user!d a Demute @MetalMallard
a AddLogSetup this channel as the log channel
a RemoveLogRemove the log channel
a ToggleWelcomerToggle welcomer on the server
a WelcomerSend welcomer help to configure it
a SetWelcomer {title}|{Description}|{photo}|{footer}|{color(HEX)}Set welcomer message
a SetChannelWelcomer {Channel}Set the channel where to display welcomer!d a SetChannelWelcomer #Welcome
a TestWelcomer [Channel]Send welcomer message in [Channel] or the configured one!d a TestWelcomer #Welcome
a ToggleRoleToggle SelfAssignable roles on the server
a SetRoleChannel [Channel]Set the role for SelfAssignable roles!d a SetRoleChannel #Roles
a RoleAdd {Role(Id/Name/Mention)}Add a SelfAssignable {role}!d a RoleAdd DuckLover
a RoleRemove {Role(Id/Name/Mention)}Remove a SelfAssignable {role}!d a RoleRemove DuckLocer
a Purge {(d/h/m/s)Time}Purge all user that joined in a given time!d a Purge d1 h1 s6(1 day 1 hour and 6 seconds)
king lsList all existent hero guide
king guide/g {HeroName} (type?)Return the hero guide!d k g Annette
Trivia Start {TriviaName}Start the selected trivia!d Trivia Start kpop
Trivia ListList all possible trivia
Trivia StopStop the playing quiz and send scores
Twitch Subscribe {ChannelName}Subscribe to a {ChannelName} and post whenever it get online or offline!d tw s Saddummy
Twitch Unsubscribe {ChannelName}Remove your channel from {ChannelName} event!d tw us Saddummy
Twitch ListReturn a list of all channelName that this channel is subscribed to
Perso New {CommandName} {Text}Create a personal command bound to the current server!d p new Rules Rules 1...
Perso Edit {CommandName} {NewText}Change the {Text} of the Command (Command creator and admin only}!d p edit Rules Rule 1...
Perso ListSend by PM the list of all commands and their creator name (or id if not found)
Perso Delete {CommandName}Delete the Command(Admin or creator)!d p Delete Rules
Hangman NewLaunch a new Hangman game
Hangman Play {Letter/Word}Play letter or word!d h play a
Tic New {User}Launch a new TicTacToe game with the {User}!d Tic New MetalMallard
Tic Reset {User}Reset game with {User} if possible!d Tac Reset MetalMallard
Tic ListReturn the list of game you started
Tic Play {X} {Y}Play a move on X and Y!d Tic play 1 2
Reddit AwwReturn an image from aww subreddit
Reddit GifReturn a gif from gifs subreddit
Reddit CatReturn an image from cat subreddit
Reddit FoodReturn an image from food subreddit
Reddit oddlysatisfying(os)Return an image from oddlysatisfying subreddit
Reddit wallpapersReturn an image from wallpapers subreddit
Reddit awwnime(awwa)Return an image from awwnime subreddit
Reddit weathergifsReturn a gif from weathergifs subreddit
Reddit kpicsReturn an image from kpics subreddit
Reddit MechanicalKeyboards(MK)Return an image from MechanicalKeyboards subreddit
osu SetUserName {Name}Set the default username attached to your accountSetUserName Colvertmetal334
osu SetMainMode {Mode}Set your main modeSetMainMode Taiko