Changelog 1.5.0


  • Added
    • Build version to changelog
    • Improved developper tools and updates workflow
  • Work in progress
    • Reminder is being tested along with Vote Reminder (Toggleable)(should be soon released)
    • Starboard
  • Fix
    • Fixed AutoBan feature
  • Improvements
    • When roles are modified the author of the modification is now displayed
    • New way of displaying errors when command are not used corectly
  • Removed
    • Purge command is now gone


  • Improvements
    • !d play now also work like !d mplay and !d m
  • Fix
    • Not leaving when no music is queued.

Personnals commands

  • Fix
    • Editing a command will now work as intended


  • Rework
    • !d osu will now send a smaller version of your card profile for a faster delivery
  • Improvements
    • better !d help osu now display all the ways of using it