Changelog 1.6.0


  • Fix
    • A bug where caneton would not spawn at all
  • Update
    • Lavalink update


  • Added
    • DefaultRole become Autoroles and now allow to have more than one
    • Allow level up notification in the channel you want (SetLevelNotificationChannel, ToggleLevelNotification)


  • Fix
    • Various fixes on commands to start a game, play a move and optimisation of game's images


  • Fix
    • Wrong error message when default username was not set


  • Anilist

Work in progress

  • New commands documentation using DocFx
  • Embed command improvements
  • Starboard's command
  • Hangman rework
  • WordNotif optimisation
  • New "tester" commands unlock with tier 3 patreon
  • Level up notification mention toggle
  • Website update to allow new Autorole feature